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Perfect for fashion photography

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

With it's wide variety of looks and settings, Devlin House has become a venue of choice for photographers worldwide and a perfect location for all styles of fashion photography!

Recent fashion bookings

Devlin House has been the host of a number of recent fashion bookings including the McCord List (Rachel McCord), Mitzi Baker handbags and Elle magazine. The landscaped grounds at Devlin Drive are a fashion photographer's dream come true with it's tall palms, tropical foliage and water features, there is something for everyone at Devlin House in the Hollywood Hills.

Recent photographer shoots at Devlin House include:

  • Camilla Armbrust (Elle)

  • David J. Crewe

  • Vincent Luu

  • Aaron Cox

  • Beth Thuna

  • Daren Cornell

  • Grasshopper

Bring your next photoshoot to us!

We understand photographer's needs and have many set ups for a variety of different looks all at one location. Green screen and back drops available, too! For bookings, call us at 310.467.9198. Short notice OK.

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